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Applying — It’s May and I have not heard from my top choices… Now what?

May is a month of changing emotions for students. As you finish up your undergraduate degree there is the elation of graduation and end of term parties with friends.  Then there is the realization that its time to figure out what’s next.  For those that applied to grad school “what’s next” includes whether you have heard from your top choices and if you’ve heard that you were accepted.

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Reference letters

Asking for a reference letter can be a stressful process.  This is because you know how important letters of recommendation are for gaining admission to a grad program

So how should you go about getting letters of recommendation?

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Choosing a grad supervisor, program, and lab

As neuroscientists we know how important it is for the developing brain to choose the right connections.  That developmental process depends on experience.  It is an active process designed to optimize the maturation of neural circuits to support complex functions and behaviors.  To us this is a nice analogy for the process of choosing a graduate program.  You need to apply your experiences to help sort through the various grad school options.  You want to select the program and supervisor that will be the best fit for you and help you develop to achieve your full potential.

So what factors should you consider while choosing a program and supervisor?   We asked our students — MiNDS grad students — about the factors they considered when deciding to choose the MiNDS program.  Here’s what they had to say.

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