Applying — Ask a Professor

Talk to your professors, especially if there is someone that you have done some research with either for your thesis or a course.

Ask them for advice.

Explain what you are interested in doing.  The kind of research questions you find interesting.  The kind of techniques you like to do.  What your working and learning style is like.  Ask them to recommend 2 or 3 professors that might be a good fit for you.

Tell them if there are any potential supervisors that you already have in mind and ask if they know that professor.

Professors have a lot of information about graduate school and are happy to talk with students.  Talk to a few professors because they will have different experiences and knowledge about supervisors and programs.


3 responses to “Applying — Ask a Professor

  1. Ayodeji Awe

    I want to apply for MSc in Geophysics as an international student.Can u recommend Professors that can be of help?

    • The best way to find out about potential supervisors is to ask one of the professors that has taught a class on that topic or that you your have done a project with for their advice.

      They will know about professors working in the area that you are interested in and can guide you to someone that will be a good fit for your interests.

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