Applying to Grad School

The pages listed in the box on the right-side of the page  provide suggestions to help with your decisions about applying to graduate school.

These suggestions are directed towards students looking for a research focused graduate program but will be helpful to all students.

Finding a good graduate program and supervisor is very different from picking an undergraduate program.  For grad school you need to connect with the right supervisor, the necessary lab resources, an interesting research project, and a supportive working and learning environment.   It takes a bit of time and effort to connect with right place for you, but spending the time up front will help you choose the right connections.


One response to “Applying to Grad School

  1. Farhad Akhavein

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am going to apply for Neuroscience Master’s program. IAccording to the website, TOEFL score 92 is needed. I have Academic IELTS score 6.5. I wonder if you inform whether I can apply for the program with IELTS.
    Farhad Akhavein

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