Happy New Year… now let’s get to those grad apps

With the New Year I’m sure that many have made resolutions to get to their grad apps before the very last minute rush.

Here are a few hints to help get organized for submitting your grad application.

The letters of reference are very important. Ask Professors right away, do not wait until a week before the deadline. Be ready to sit down for 15 minutes to talk to your Prof about why you want to go to grad school and to remind them of your strengths. If the Prof is too busy to meet then chances are they are too busy to write a strong letter of reference. That’s OK move on to another reference.

Give yourself a least a week to write your statement of interest. This one page can make the difference between passing over your application and a potential supervisor selecting your application for further review. I wrote about the statement of interest in a previous blog entry and will return to this next week.

Check that you have all of the information need for applying to a program. If the program asks for specific information be sure to send it. If they ask it is because they use it in the evaluation process. For example, my program (MiNDS) uses a standardized CV and asks students to enter the information on-line. You would be surprised how many students skip this step and as a result reduce their chance of acceptance into our program.

Those are just a few simple hints to help you get organized for completing your grad apps. So get out your calendar and start planning when to do the parts of the applications that you want to submit.

Remember that grad school is a wonderful opportunity to continue learning and growing into an expert in your field of interest. Give yourself lots of time to do the best job with your applications so that you get accepted into the program of your choice.


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